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About Us
Fanquimia is a digital marketing agency expert at obtaining sales, traffic and achieving any other goal for our clients by using social media and other innovative channels. As experts in paid social media, our clients receive more than 40 million visits a month from social networks and we manage global campaigns in more than 50 countries and over 10 different languages.


If you’re looking for a different kind of digital marketing agency which will get you tangible results, contact us and we will provide you with a no-obligation proposal.

The satisfaction and loyalty shown by all the big brands with which we have worked over the years are our best guarantee. Our clients are our best ambassadors.

How can we help you?

Increase the traffic of your website

We support brands and the media to exploit the full potential of social media for traffic generation. From content marketing strategy to gaining segmented traffic at low cost.

Every day our clients receive more than 1 million visits from Facebook.

Increase the sales of your ecommerce

We analyse your online shop and connect it to social media to find out what your customers are like and reach those with similar profiles.

We commit to client objectives, always focusing our work in pursuit of tangible and measurable results.

Increase your community

We find the right audience for your brand and target them through social media, generating high-quality followers and fans interested in your products and services.

Generate more Qualified Leads

We help you obtain high-quality leads on social networks to increase your database and generate direct sales.

We work for sectors requiring a more considered purchasing strategy and obtain highly qualified future customer data.

Get App Installs

We help mobile app developers achieve more downloads and installations with qualified, segmented traffic. We analyse user behaviour and set out strategies to encourage users to return or to increase recurrence.

Drive Store Visits and In-Store Sales

We help drive customers interested in your brand to your shops or points of sale using geolocation strategies on social media.


We were raised in the social media era and know how to connect with your audience and share the messages they expect from your brand. We can ensure your community grows organically on social networks, creating unique experiences for your users.

Content Generation

We create high-quality content for your readers and followers. We know how to reach your audience. We specialise in creating specialist content in any subject area and on different platforms. Careful content selection is key to success on social media.

Brand Awareness

We create strategic activities which help you position yourself and enhance branding. Hundreds of thousands of people have taken part and continue to take part in special competitions and activities we have designed over the years.


We also manage your AdWords campaigns to improve the return on your online marketing investment.


We offer advice enabling you to improve your social media performance and reach your target audience in an effective way


 We run training courses for SMEs, the media and in-house marketing departments wanting to find out about the latest innovations in social media and digital marketing.

Web Design and Programming

We develop apps and landing pages designed to optimise activities carried out on social media.

Web Analytics

We analyse your website, suggest possible improvements, study consumer behaviour and measure site visits.


We work with tools which detect and analyse what is being said online about your brand.

We work with the best technology

At Fanquimia, we work with the best tools on the market as well as our OWN technology so that we are the most competitive and can give you the best results.
We are International

We work internationally, managing campaigns in more than 50 countries and over 10 different languages.
Success Stories
Meet our work and discover why so many brands trust Fanquimia.

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